The best pronunciation software that shows you the inside of a word

If you are able to understand HOW each particular sound is made, you will be able to pronounce the word correctly.  See “the inside” of a word!

State-of-the-art virtual animation

SAUNDZ provides you with a state-of-the-art virtual animated teacher – Simone.  She shows you how to position your mouth, lips, tongue and teeth to accurately pronounce a particular sound or word.  Simone’s movements allow you to see and hear the exact difference between the English sound, and a similar sound that might exist in your native language.  Simone also has a slow-motion mode that allows you to watch frame-by-frame how her vocal organs move.

Simone has two viewing modes – front-view and side-view.

Created by experts in phonology

SAUNDZ also contains detailed written instructions on how to accurately pronounce a particular sound.  You can read these instructions as you watch Simone.

SAUNDZ can help you improve your pronunciation skills!

Combining audio and visual elements

It is difficult for teachers to explain in words how a sound is made.  This is why we created Simone.

Visual representation of the vocal organs is frequently used in pronunciation teaching.  However, by watching the correct movement, not just looking at a still picture, of vocal organs during the articulation of a particular sound, learners get an insight into how a particular sound should be created.  Thus, even if they are unable at first to perceive the audible differences between certain foreign sounds, they can understand them by having them visually presented.

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