The best way to learn spoken English


Every ESL learner has his or her own pronunciation problems, and that is why every single sound is important.
The first lesson of SAUNDZ’s curriculum is pretty simple – it shows four different spellings of the vowel sound /ʌ/.
You have Simone, our virtual pronunciation teacher, showing you how to pronounce each sound and word within SAUNDZ curriculum in addition to three other professionally recorded native speakers each pronouncing every sound and word.

  • Does this seem to basic for you?
  • Do you think that your knowledge of English is too advanced for this sort of exercise?

Many of our users had this impression when they started working on SAUNDZ curriculum.  With a carefully developed lesson plan you’ll get a more comprehensive knowledge of English pronunciation.

learn spoken english curriculum

Curriculum-based English pronunciation software

Teaches sounds first, and then connect them in words
Carefully planned word order, introducing new words with the newly learned sounds
Points out the crucial differences among the most critical sounds
Deals with consonant clusters (the most difficult feature of English) at the end of the curriculum
Curriculum is created by educators
Detailed instructions and animations for every sound and word
Includes dictionary definitions and pictures for every word that it teaches
learn spoken english ad hoc

English pronunciation software

Teaches random words, phrases, lyrics or sentences
Words unsorted, or sorted alphabetically
Treats all sounds as separate entities, of equal importance
Disregards the importance of clusters and uses them randomly, without paying special attention to them
Developed by IT engineers
Inconsistent guidelines and instructions
Teaches pronunciation without caring if the student really understands the word or sentence
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