Studies and White Papers

Teaching Pronunciation with Saundz

Students’ Attitudes towards Learning English Pronunciation

White Paper by Saundz, January 2015

    Pronunciation is often neglected in classrooms, although perceived as an important aspect of language learning.  This paper explores students’ attitudes towards pronunciation in terms of its importance, practicing resources, preferences towards different native accents, and so on.  The research is based on the survey taken by students of English as a foreign language all over the world.  It was interesting to note that majority of the students see the importance of pronunciation even though more time is devoted to other fields in language learning, such as grammar an vocabulary.

Practicing Pronunciation for Higher Scores in Standardized English Tests (TOEFL/IELTS)

White Paper by Saundz, November 2014

    The latest paper by the Saundz research team examines the ways pronunciation practice could improve students’ scores on standardized English tests such as TOEFL and IELTS.  Based on speaking assessment rubrics used on these two types of test, the paper demonstrates the ability of Saundz to contribute to speaking skills improvements.  Being the best English pronunciation software currently available, Saundz can have a positive impact on one’s test scores, as well as his or her overall speaking skills.  

Saundz as a Pronunciation Teaching Tool for Modern Classrooms

White Paper by Saundz, September 2014

    American English pronunciation software Saundz emerges as a solution that can bring efficient pronunciation practice back to the ESL/EFL classrooms.  Saundz is an innovative software tool that intends to equip teachers with materials necessary for efficient pronunciation practice.  It teaches the basic 40 sounds of American English and is based on a curriculum that allows easy organization of class and practice time.  Through quality native speakers’ recordings and advanced technology, Saundz can significantly contribute to making pronunciation teaching and learning easy and effective.
    The aim of this paper is to discuss the ways Saundz can be implemented in the ESL/EFL classrooms worldwide, on the basis of European Common Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment.  The sections that follow will address some of the most important issues related to current pronunciation teaching and learning practices within European Common Framework and the paper will illustrate potential benefits of using Saundz in English language classrooms.

Using Saundz in English Language Teaching

Research Paper by Marija Đorđević, December 2013

    ABSTRACT: The Modern Age has brought new changes such as the usage of computers in the language teaching.  Computers and the Internet have introduced a new communicative approach in language teaching.  The aim of this paper is to show how the usage of the software Saundz can modernize teaching pronunciation and help students learn the American English pronunciation.  What is revolutionary about this software is that it uses a graphic presentation of organs during the process of articulation.  The software contains everything that is necessary to learn the correct pronunciation: basics of English phonology, the pronunciation of words and pronunciation exercises.  This paper is theoretical and methodological and it uses an analytical and descriptive approach.

Saundz Software Application Provides Students with Functionality Necessary for Improving English Pronunciation Skills

White Paper by Saundz, March 2013

    The Saundz Field Test, which was carried out for the purpose of determining the efficiency of Saundz‘s teaching methodology and curriculum, yielded some significant results.  The students‘ progress was measured on the basis of two texts that students were required to read both before and after 20 hours of practice with Saundz.
    The students who participated in the Saundz Field Test were of different levels of English proficiency and, correspondingly, their pronunciation skills varied.  However, after using Saundz for 20 hours all students showed some kind of improvement.