Have you ever had a situation where your teacher corrected your pronunciation multiple times and you were still unable to understand what you are doing wrong?

As opposed to the majority of pronunciation learning tools out there, which let you record only your own voice, SAUNDZ offers you the opportunity both to record your own attempt at pronouncing a word and compare it with a recording of a native speaker's pronunciation.

Both of these recordings are combined and then played back to you – so that you can first hear your pronunciation of a word and then hear the way one of our four professionally recorded native speakers pronounces it.

You are probably well aware that when you hear yourself speaking, you sound different than when you hear a recording of your voice – this difference is important in trying to learn how to pronounce a foreign sound or word correctly.

Some people find it difficult to perceive the subtle differences between many foreign sounds, even if they hear them many, many times.  With our record and compare feature you can hear those subtle differences and make the necessary changes to enable yourself to talk American English more clearly.  This is a unique feature of SAUNDZ.

Hear it – See it – Record it – Compare it

Practice American English pronunciation efficiently

Reap the rewards of curriculum-based learning

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