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Up until today, Saundz has been spotted by some important names in a rapidly growing EdTech world – by people who constantly explore the best ways to implement technology into traditional class curricula and modernize their teaching practices.

When it comes to English-as-a-second-language learning and teaching, Saundz is unique in features, curriculum organization and potential.  It promotes an efficient and easy way to master American English pronunciation, which is why it is getting popular among an increasing number of English language learners and teachers.

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6 Ways Ed Tech Tools Can Facilitate the Education Process
January, 2016

“For teachers dealing with different languages, speech or pathology, the Saundz resource can be an essential classroom tool.  Students can use the tool to practice their pronunciation in an interactive and effective way.”


Saundz Online Pronunciation Software
December, 2015

“On the scale of 1 to 10, I will grade this software ten out of 10.”

Language Trainers

Perfecting Your American Accent: A Review of Saundz
July, 2015

“Our favorite feature is the ability to choose different courses based on your native language.  These courses focus on the pronunciation issues that are most difficult for speakers of particular languages.”


Probando Saundz – American English Pronunciation Software
October, 2014

“Si de verdad estás interesado, tienes un nivel de inglés más que aceptable pero ves que no avanzas, dale una oportunidad, puede que te lleves una grata sorpresa.”


 EdTech: Saundz Is A Great Way To Teach Pronunciation
August, 2014

“Native English speakers often take pronunciation for granted.  At any age learning a new language can be tough but figuring out how to translate words on a screen and sounds as they are described in a lesson can be tricky.

That’s where Saundz comes in.”


 New Tech Company Saundz enters the world of ELT
 November, 2013

“There are many tools being developed by start-ups who are seeing the gaps in the market and identifying and creating programmes to reach large audiences.  One of those new companies which is doing just this is American based  They are interesting because they are using technology to fill a face to face skills gap at grass-roots level but are also building a community at the same time.”

ELT + Technology

eLearning Interview – Jennifer Collins from Saundz
November, 2013

“I think that Saundz are correct that pronunciation practice, especially explicit practice, is often overlooked in classroom settings and there is a real need for an edtech solution to this problem.  I would say that rather than lots of teachers thinking it’s inferior, most just find the area confusing and complex and lack sufficient guidance on how to help learners with their problems.”

EdTech Review India

Saundz – English Pronunciation App
September, 2013

“Saundz is meant for anyone who has learned English as a second language and wishes to improve his/her vitally important pronunciation skills.  It significantly improves the verbal communication skills of its users by giving them the ability to produce clear, correct and confidently delivered English speech.”

EdLab Review

Saundz – EdLab Review
August, 2013

“The unique feature of a virtual pronunciation assistant elevates the system beyond existing pronunciation tools.  Edtech development has greatly increased the number and variety of language learning tools, and Saundz is a great example of an innovative ESL strategy for advanced learners.”

Getting Smart

Saundz Like American English
June, 2013

“I recently discovered Saundz, an app that teaches ESL students American English pronunciation.  It’s a great app for people studying English abroad, and it also has practical use in the ESL classroom.  The program features Simone, the app’s “personal virtual assistant.”

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