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Saundz is simple and straightforward, and you will quickly get the hang of it.  However, you should not be fooled into thinking that Saundz is not a serious educational software application.

Learning pronunciation of HOWSaundz curriculum has been created so that after you finish all the lessons in the carefully planned prescribed order (without skipping lessons) your pronunciation skills will be notably better.  At times, you may feel a bit bored by the constant repetition; however, that is a mostly unavoidable result of – the necessary “repeat until perfect” aspect of pronunciation lessons.  Stick with it and you will see and most importantly HEAR the results.

Saundz includes more than 400 words with dictionary definitions, which is more than enough to enhance your understanding of the basic speech and pronunciation patterns in American English.  In Saundz you will mainly encounter simple mono- or di-syllabic words; however, if you look closer you may realize that they are not as simple as they first appear.

“Of course, I know how to pronounce the word
‘how’”you may think.  Indeed, this is a very simple,
monosyllabic word whose meaning is more
or less familiar to anyone.  Still, even with a simple
word like this, you can most likely spot many
differencesbetween your pronunciation and Simone’s.

If you do not believe us, hear it for yourself.

Here is an audio recording of several non-native speakers pronouncing the word ‘HOW’:

Students pronouncing the word ‘HOW’
Now see how the native English speakers from Saundz pronounce the same word:

Native speakers pronouncing the word ‘HOW’

Clearly, this distinction may not be relevant in all contexts.  However, particular words can lead to significant misunderstandings, which is why you should practice.

Saundz Guided Tour offers you an opportunity to see how our teaching approach works in practice.  Check it out now and start your new pronunciation learning experience!