We are getting ready…

meet-simone4Welcome, we are pleased to present you with the official Saundz website!

Saundz, our innovative pronunciation learning software program is going through its final stages of preparation and will soon be available to everyone.  In the meantime, you are welcome to browse the website, read our blog posts or keep in touch with Saundz through social media channels.

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If you already had time to check out those cute little boxes on our Home page, then you probably have an idea of what Saundz is all about.  It is a virtual classroom designed to help every motivated ESL student practice and learn American English pronunciation in an easy to use step by step manner.  Our virtual teacher Simone is available to you anytime, and is responsible for helping you learn the basic sounds of American English and develop your pronunciation skills.

pronunciation learning with Simone

How many native American English speakers do you have access to right now?

As the app is getting ready for its public launch, our language experts are here to discuss topics related to American English language learning and teaching.  Specifically our intention is to focus on the problem of pronunciation learning, and outline the difficulties ESL students face.  At Saundz our classroom experience tells us that English learners need a solution that can help motivate them to practice pronunciation.

We believe Saundz is a great solution to this problem and our mission is to make it available for everyone in need of it.


If you like the idea, please keep in touch with Saundz on the social networks below.  You didn’t know? Saundz loves to share, like, tweet and pin ;)


Stay tuned, there’s more yet to come!


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