ESLFrom our international experience, we at Saundz have observed the study habits and capability of English as a second language (ESL) learners worldwide.  We have seen that for almost 2 Billion ESL learners around the globe, the most common area of language inadequacy, which is collaborated by industry experts, is pronunciation [speaking ability] .  American English fluency with correct pronunciation is now a base-level requirement for opening up significant international career opportunities.  This is why we developed Saundz.

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Feature-rich educational softwareSaundz uses innovative leading-edge technologies to deliver a feature-rich educational software application that is simple, easy to use and effective.  Saundz works via the Internet on PCs, Macs, Linux computers and Windows 8 tablets and iPad.  It will be available for Android in 2014.

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Virtual AssistantHi, I’m Simone, your personal virtual teacher.  My job is to guide you through the process of learning correct American English pronunciation and to make this process as simple as possible.

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Saundz Management Entrepreneurial spirit and decades of experience developing leading-edge technologies ensure our management team has everything it takes to help you in your endeavor to speak perfect American English.

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Saundz VisionOur vision is to provide the opportunity for all motivated English as a second language (ESL) students to access a virtual pronunciation assistant that will help them improve their American English pronunciation skills and reduce their accent.


Saundz ValuesAt Saundz, integrity guides our conduct.  We are transparent and honest in all that we do.  We strive to lead by example and keep the interest of students integral to all our actions.  At every level we will be true to Saundz’s principles and code of ethics.