Saundz uses innovative leading-edge technologies to deliver a feature-rich American English educational software application that is simple, easy to use and effective.  Saundz works via the Internet on desktop PCs and Macs, iPads, and Windows 8 tablets.

Saundz, your online teacher, combines audio and visual components to help you perfect your American English pronunciation.  Not only do you hear a particular sound or word, but you also see how it is created, by tracking the facial movements of your virtual animated pronunciation teacher- Simone.

  • Saundz curriculum38 chapters comprised of 162 lessons that teach you how to pronounce the 16 vowel and 24 consonant sounds of American English.
  • 400 Dictionary DefinitionsMore than 400 words with pictures, dictionary definitions and sample sentences.
  • Native American English Speakers4 professionally recorded native American English speakers [a male and a female teenager; and a male and a female adult]
  • Virtual animated pronunciation assistant Virtual animated pronunciation teacher that uses movie-quality video to demonstrate how to pronounce each sound and word.  As Simone guides you step by step, you will see exactly how vocal organs move to generate the particular sound or word you are practicing.
  • 40 sounds of American EnglishBuilding block approach – Saundz teaches you, one-by-one each, of the 40 sounds of American English.  As you learn new vowel and consonant sounds, they are combined to form words with the sounds that you have been previously taught.
  • minimal pairsMinimal pairs – Saundz introduces groups of words that differ in just a single sound, providing the opportunity to practice and master the subtle differences between particular sounds.
  • Saundz MobileSaundz is available for Windows 8 and iOS [iPad].  Android Saundz will be available in 2015.
  • No InstallationNo installation required - Saundz runs within a browser on desktop PCs and Macs [tested on Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari], as well as on Windows 8 devices.