10 Best Ways to Learn English Online

There may be thousands of reasons why you should learn English and make sure you’d be able to handle any situation.  The following video illustrates one:

The good news is that with a little help of the Internet, you can do this efficiently without having to pay a personal tutor or a course.  One of the best ways to learn English online is to use multiple resources and websites.  You can dictate your own pace, repeat lessons as many times as you need to, and combine different programs in ways that will get you where you want to be in this learn English online adventure.

“A man who can speak two languages is worth two men”

There are many free online courses that provide decent lectures for all the enthusiasts out there.  Of course, those programs are not as good and detailed as the ones you pay for.  But they can help you a lot in your quest to become fluent in English.  We will provide you with a list of what we think are the 10 best free English learning sites:

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1.  American English

American English - Learn English onlineThis is a resource center for learning both American English and the culture it is part of.  It provides materials that are suitable for both teachers and students – here you can find classroom activities, audio-books, videos and other educational material.


2.  Voice of America – Learn English Online

VOA English - Learn English online

Voice of America’s online classroom provides a real-world basis for learning American English by engaging students with world news.  The ”classroom” includes interactive wordbooks and emphasizes everyday American English.  Through this site you can easily stay in touch with real-world American English and practice your language skills.

Voice of America also has a rich library of “English in a Minute” videos that explain everyday American English expressions in context.  Here’s one of the examples:

3.  BBC Learning English Online

BBC Learning English - Learn English onlineThis site teaches you general and business English, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.  You can take quizzes and download audio selections.


4.  Lang-8

Lang-8  - Learn English onlineLang-8 facilitates learning English through real interactions with native speakers.  You can also track your results or help others learn your own native language.  Language learning becomes an interesting and interactive mission through which you can enjoy making progress with your newly made friends.


5.  Livemocha

Livemocha - Learn English onlineThis is a great site that connects native speakers with students.  You can learn English online with the help of natives and provide help for those who want to learn your native language.  The more you help, the better your ranking is.


6.  Busuu

Busuu - Learn English onlineBusuu teaches you through interactive language courses with the help of native speakers.  It provides mobile apps and access to grammar guides provided by leading publishers.


7.  British council

British council - Learn English onlineBritish council provides support for both students and teachers.  They offer exams, higher education and overall insight into British culture and society.


8.  Language for exchange

LFE  - Learn English onlineThis is an online community that connects people who want to learn English online but also make friends and travel abroad.  Here you can meet people of similar interests and perhaps even make new friendships.


9.  English Club

EnglishClub  - Learn English onlineThis site provides help for both teachers and students.  In this community you can get help from native speakers and also give help to those who are learning your native language.


10.  Vocab sushi

VocabSushi  - Learn English onlineThis site is all about helping you expand your vocabulary.  They advocate fun and easy ways of memorizing the meaning of words, which provides a deeper and better understanding of the vocabulary you learn.

Whatever your skill level is, or your ambitions, you should try all the options to learn English online and choose the ones that suit you most.  Remember to have fun with learning because a relaxed state of mind enables more effective memorizing and thus more proficient use of the language.  Don’t be shy about trying to find native speakers who will help you.  There are plenty of people eager to share their knowledge.  Also, help others if you can.  ‘’A man who can speak two languages is worth two men’’ (Napoleon Hill) – keep that in mind and pursue greater knowledge and ability!

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