10 Best Blogs to Learn English Online

We’ve posted regarding 10 of the best free English learning sites, and now it’s time to recommend the best blogs for you! Improve your English pronunciation, speaking and grammar skills with the help of these fantastic blogs.  Choose the one that resonates with you the most, or combine a few to get the best results.

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1.  Rachel’s English

Rachel's EnglishThis site is a fantastic tool for learning proper American English pronunciation.  Rachel’s great videos will definitely help you understand the essence of good pronunciation.  Her blog is a valuable tool for helping improve your overall speaking skills.

See Rachel in action:

2.  Grammar Girl

Grammar Girl

Grammar Girl provides useful tips and delivers them in a quick and efficient way.  If you’re busy and want to brush up on your English – use Grammar Girl.  This blog will help you understand how English is used in real life as it points to mistakes that are most frequently made by learners of English.


3.  Lingualia

LingualiaLingualia produces a very active and useful blog.  You’ll enjoy reading their direct posts and finding out interesting information about English pronunciation and the other things.  Lingualia also offers resources for learners of other languages, which may be interesting for all language lovers.


4.  Espresso English

Espresso English BlogThis blog provides a variety of English language tips.  You’ll definitely find tons of good lessons to learn English online, as well as other useful information.  Additionally, here you can win some interesting free e-books that may further help you polish up your English.

Esspresso English also has a lot of interesting videos that can help you learn English more efficiently.

5.  ESL Tutor Blog

ESL Tutor BlogHere you can read about various subjects, from volunteering to studying in mixed-level classrooms.  This blog also delivers lots of tips about the best ways of learning English.  ESL Tutor can be quite useful for teachers, most of whom are constantly working on their professional development.


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6.  WizIQ

WizIQ BlogWizIQ is a great resource for English teachers looking to acquire tips on improving their classes.  WizIQ’s blog is constantly updated with interesting content such as the latest news or best practices in teaching English.


7.  Speak Like a Star

Speak Like A Star BlogThis blog is a part of Hansen Communication Lab and delivers fun information about a great many of the most common English language themes.  All language lovers will find plenty of interesting content related to best practices in teaching and learning English.


8.  Learn Real English

Learn Real EnglishThis is a great source of educational videos and instruction that will help you learn everyday “Real” English, as it is called.  Teachers can use these videos in classes and students can make their learning process fun.


9.  Duolingo Blog

DuoLingoIf you want some fun and cuteness in your English learning, you should by all means use Duolingo! You’ll have smart, cute owls guiding you through the lessons and you’ll definitely have fun along the way.  Duolingo’s blog is very rich and provides all the information you need on how to successfully navigate through your lessons.


10.  Saundz Blog

Saundz English Pronunciation BlogOf course there is Saundz’s blog, which covers a wide variety of subjects.  We deal with everything that might be of interest to an ESL student or teacher.  Here, readers – students and teachers – can learn about the most common errors in English pronunciation, errors that students might be making and that teachers have to correct.


There are plenty of great sources that will help you learn English online.  Your job is to be dedicated to learning, to never give up and, of course, to have fun.  Read, write, listen to and speak English whenever you can and we guarantee you will have great results in the end.

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